Outdoor laser skirmish in Brisbane for all ages.
No Pain, Just Game!!!

You come to us and enjoy fun laser tag sessions at Murrenbong Scout Camp.

Our location at Murrenbong Scout camp is an ideal location for laser tag. Murrenbong Scout camp is close to Petrie in the North of Brisbane. The address is 135 Scout Road, Kurwongbah, 4503. We are also around 25 minutes from Baden Powell Park. Baden Powell Park is North West of Brisbane. We play in an area that is approximately 150 meter by 150 meter. The area has lots of trees that provide shade as well as places where players can hide. We also have bases made of plastic pallets for additional hiding places.

Outdoor activities are perfect for your kid’s next birthday party. Laser skirmish allows the children to run around and have fun. Parents and guardians can also join in the fun. This is a good way to spend quality time and bond with the kids.

Gate 1 at Murrenbong Scout camp to be used as the Laser Commando entrance

A day of laser skirmish.

For just $30 a person for two hours, you can spend quality time with your kids playing laser tag. It is the perfect way to celebrate a child’s birthday. We provide 20% discount when you book more than 20 people. The discount is available for up to 50 players. Please have a look at our laser tag pricing page for more detail.

Murrenbong is about 30 minutes drive from Brisbane. Once you arrive at Murrenbong Scout Camp, we take the membership forms. Non-members can fill in forms at the reception. Then we’ll hand out the kit that includes a headband, hat or bandana, phaser with sensors.

Safety is our priority. Before each laser skirmish session, we go through a safety briefing. That’s one way to ensure that participants are safe. Staff members are also available on the field while the games are on-going.

Family photo at a laser skirmish party with Laser Commando

Awesome party idea.

Laser skirmish is a fun activity for all genders and ages. Even girls will enjoy running around and playing the games.

That’s why Laser Commando in Brisbane is recommended for birthday parties. Our staff members are on hand to ensure that everybody is having fun. They would guide the kids where they should go and what to do next. And what’s best is that even parents can join in the fun.

Party packs and party table layout of a birthday party at Laser Commando

If you want your child to have the best party ever, book a laser tag session for his or her next birthday party.

You will not regret it at all and definitely worth every cent. We ensure everyone will have a great time from start to finish.

Laser games

Then we’ll explain the rules of the game. We have a list of five types of laser tag games and we normally choose to play four from the following list:

Capture the base – team with the most people inside the base at the end of the laser skirmish game wins.

Capture the flag – team who owns the red and blue flags wins when the time expires.

Search and destroy – team that destroys the other team’s secondary base within the time limit wins. The players destroy the base by activating our custom built bomb prop in the vicinity of the enemy's secondary base.

Domination – the number of bases depends on the number of players. We configure 1, 3 or 5 bases when playing domination. The team that holds the bases for the longest combined time wins.

Supply scout – team with the most supplies at the end of the game wins. Supplies can be stolen from the other team’s secondary base or the supply drop in the main base.

Celebrate with us

Celebrate the birthday of your kid with laser skirmish in the bush North of Brisbane.

Laser tag at Murrenbong Scout camp is a great way to spend some quality time with the kids.

The experience provides great value for your money, and your kids will surely thank you for it.

When you book a game with us please also download and fill in the membership form. It is a requirement of the insurance that all players need to fill in the membership form. All players also need to wear long pants covering their ankles. The Scout camp does not allow any pets or alcohol on the premises.

Back to laser tag options we offer

We come to you and we run laser tag in your backyard or at a park

If you can’t go to the bush, then you can opt to have the mobile laser tag brought to your home or at a public park in and around Brisbane. This is a convenient way to enjoy an outdoor activity that your kids will enjoy.

Just think of the fun that your child will have when you opt for a mobile laser skirmish party at the park for his or her birthday. It is a good way to spend the day with their friends, and your child will thank you for it. You’ll be declared the best mom in the world.

A day of mobile laser tag at the park

It is not just in the bush where you can have a mobile laser skirmish. We provide games in parks as well. While the types of games are limited when you play in the park, it is more convenient because we come to you instead of you coming to us. If the event is big enough we are happy to drive more than two hours from Brisbane City.

During the day of the party, our team arrives an hour before the start to setup. We arrive a bit earlier at the site if the client rented extra pop-up barriers as extra hiding places. We will do all the setup work, and all you need to do is to bring the kids for the mobile laser tag games.

Once the setup is done we will wait for the clients to arrive. We take their membership forms for insurance purposes. Non-members can fill in the forms at the reception table. Then the rest plays out like our games in the bush.

Boys playing capture the flag in the park with Laser Commando

Mobile laser tag rates

We are the mobile laser skirmish operator that comes to you. This extra service allows us to compete against our competitors. Our rates are also affordable.

The cost is $30 for each person for the first two hours. If you would like to extend the game it will cost $5 per person per hour extra. So it will be $35 for 3 hours per person and $40 for 4 hours per person. It costs $50 to rent 5 pop-up barriers.

Best party ever

If you are planning for your kid’s next birthday party around Brisbane, then consider hiring Laser Commando for mobile laser tag. You don’t need to worry about transportation because we will bring the fun right to your neighbourhood. Though a private party could costs more if you rent pop-up barriers, seeing your child happy is priceless..

Mother and son at a birthday party at a park with Laser Commando

Boys and girls will enjoy the mobile laser skirmish games. Parents and guardians can also join in the fun. Your child will have the best party ever, and it will be talked about in school for a long time.

So for the next kid’s party, have mobile laser tag games come to you. It allows your kid and friends to enjoy a fun outdoor activity without having to travel far. It can be held in a public park or in your own backyard.

You rent a laser tag party in a box from us.

Laser Commando also gives you the option to rent the laser skirmish equipment, if you live around Brisbane, and organise your own laser tag party. This gives you the freedom to do as you please with our laser tag party box as long as you return them in the same condition as before. You can play where and when you want to as long as it is within the 24-hour period.

Laser tag guns packed and ready for a delivery by Laser Commando

If you choose this option, we will drop off the laser tag in a box the day before the event and teach you how to use it. The orientation will last around 30 minutes. We will also be on call if you encounter any problems the next day. Then we will pick up the equipment after 24 hours.

What's Inside the Laser Tag Party in a box?

Our laser tag party box includes a silver key, phasers, cobra setup as a controller, two medic boxes, adjustable caps, clipping board, and two flags. You can also choose to rent pop-up barriers from us. Pop-up barriers require alot less work than inflatable barriers. When using inflatable barriers you need a pump and electricity and alot of time. To setup pop-up barriers just take them out of their bags and open them up. If there is alot of wind blowing you can peg them down with the included tent pegs. Everything you need to run the game is included in our laser tag in a box.

Pop-up barriers are much quicker to setup than inflatable barriers.  Rent pop-up barries from Laser Commando to play in a public park

Laser tag party in a box safety tips.

Safety is our priority and every time you rent a laser tag party box. We instruct the parent to enforce these rules to keep the games fun for everyone. There should be no physical contact, climbing or jumping over or on. Participants must look where they are walking and stay within the battlefield.

Hours of fun for everyone.

When you choose to rent a laser tag in a box, you are ensured of lots of hours of fun for everyone. Kids will truly enjoy the games. The parents and guardians can also play a game or two. The phasers are fully charged when we send them to your place and have around 15 hours of play time until the batteries are drained. In order to maximise your play time, we suggest turning the phasers off when not in use.

Boys defending a base while playing capture the base in the park with Laser Commando

Three games that you can play with laser tag party box are "Capture the Base", "Capture the Flag" and "Elimination". With "Capture the Base" the teams start on opposite sides of the battlefield. The team with the most players alive in the base wins the game. The objective with "Elimination" is to just have the least number of respawns and "Capture the Flag" the team that owns both flags at the end of the game is the winning team. Ideas for other laser tag games can be found on our home page

Parents can make their own games. Just keep in mind the safety precautions in order to keep the players safe while having fun. Ask suggestions from the kids. This allows them to have fun in a controlled environment.

Get a laser tag party in a box for your child’s birthday.

A laser tag party box is the best way to treat your child on his or her birthday. Renting the equipment is also a cost effective way because you control the time. There’s no need to rush the games, and your kids will thank you for it. You will have the entire neighbourhood talking about the party for weeks. Remember we deliver the equipment and pick it up from your premises.

Back to laser tag options we offer

Laser Commando hosts laser tag birthday parties in the North of Brisbane close to Petrie, Strathpine and Caboolture at the Murrenbong Scout camp. Mango Hill laser skirmish is the closest laser tag operator in Brisbane to the east of us at Mango Hill and Logan Laser Skirmish is the closest laser tag operator to the west of Laser Commando at Baden Powell Park. We don't play any laser tag games at Baden Powell Park. Logan Laser Skirmish is the only laser tag provider that is allowed to play at Baden Powell Park

We don't currently run laser tag games indoor, but we are discussing it with the Scouts at Enoggera. We would like to rent the Enoggera Scout Hall in the hopes to run laser tag parties on a Friday night and weekends indoors

Laser skirmish is played in the South of Brisbane at Mt Cotton, Mt Crosby, Tamborine mountain and Thunderbird park and the company named Laser Skirmish run the games there. They say most of their business comes from birthday parties, but also church groups hire them and later in the year they get alot of school breakups. During school holiday time they get some rentals from vacation care companies. Our plan is to start contacting vacation care companies in the near future to try and get more laser tag rental business in that way. We dropped of a laser tag rental package before at a client that played just across from Mt Crosby in their back yard when they hosted their own birthday party. A school breakup even hired us before to come and host a laser tag game at their location just a couple minutes away from Thunderbird park.

We rent laser tag equipment in the vicinity of Brisbane. Currently we don't courier our laser tag equipment to the rest of the country, but we are planning on it in the future We are the only laser tag operator that delivers laser tag equipment personally and explains to the client how to use it when they want to host their own laser tag party in a park or at their home for a birthday.

We are a fully mobile laser tag operator. Hire us for fetes, school break ups, church groups, parties, bucks parties or hens parties. Laser Commando have gone as far as Toowoomba to host a laser tag game for a school break up.

Normally when we run laser tag games at a fete the games would be 10 minutes long. Laser Commando can run games at a fete on grass or even a tennis court so.

Nudgee College has hired us in the past to run laser skirmish games at night. Marist College in Ashgrove hire us every three months to run laser skirmish games at night for them. We have had a client hire laser tag equipment from us and played at night game at the Murrenbong Scout camp in the past